Mid-Year Update


2020 Mid-Year Update

We started this year with the close and announcement of our $750 million Fund IV, focused on SaaS and tech-enabled service businesses. In the spring, the coronavirus crisis began to unfold. Since then, our companies have been mobilizing to support their employees, customers, and communities in which they operate. Our companies are actively responding to COVID-19 by hosting webinars that help builders navigate the evolving crisis, creating dashboards that display critical data for the staffing industry, providing restaurants with actionable tactics on how to adapt, and many other initiatives. You can read more about their responses on our COVID-19 Resource Page.

Since Serent Capital’s founding, we set our sights on building a distinctive firm that was more than a financial investor and was a true partner. The commitment as a true partner takes on particular importance during turbulent periods like the ones we are living in today.

At Serent, we work every day to ensure we honor that commitment. Our team has been adapting to the current environment and we continue to ensure we are there for those important calls from our portfolio founders and leaders, day or night. To support our companies, our Growth Team has been leading regular webinars, Q&A sessions, and sharing best practices to ensure our leaders have the support and information they need for their employees and customers. While we don't know what the rest of the year holds, we do know we will continue to honor our commitment as a partner in our everchanging world.

Cultivating Our Portfolio

In the first half of 2020, we're thrilled and humbled to have added 3 new platforms investments, 2 new add-on investments, and realized exits for 2 of our companies, who went on to pursue their next chapter of growth.

Platform Investments



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Building Organizations

Our Human Capital team helps our companies find and build their executive teams for now and the future. In the first half of 2020, our Human Capital team has identified, recruited, and placed 22 professionals, including 17 executives and 5 board members into our portfolio companies.

By tapping into our network of experienced industry professionals, known as the Serent Executive Network (SEN), we’re able to source many of our executives, increasing success rates and reducing recruiting and hiring costs for our companies.

Bram Belzberg, Chairman and CEO of KEV Group, discusses how he worked with the Human Capital team to build his management team to support the next stage of growth.

Read More About Bram’s Story

Nurturing Our Companies

Creating Value

Serent's in-house Growth Team, which includes both Human Capital and Strategy Operations, are comprised of executives who are both experienced operators and former consultants. Our Growth Team actively partners with the management teams at our portfolio companies and seeks to accelerate growth and drive measurable value by providing strategic operational support and resources.

Account Management

Budgeting & KPIs


Executive Searches

Mergers & Acquisitions


Product Roadmaps

Sales & Marketing


Meet Our Growth Team

Meet the Team

Garret Gray | Next Gear Solutions

Garret Gray, founder and CEO of Next Gear Solutions, discusses his inspiration for creating a leading workflow management platform for the insurance industry and how he's grown his company through strategic acquisitions.

Read More About Garret’s Story

Read About Our Sector Insights in Our Latest Sector Updates 

At Serent Capital, we believe in deeply researching and understanding each sector to better serve our portfolio companies. To stay up-to-date on our latest sector insights, sign up for our Sector Updates, below.

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Investment Criteria

Serent is focused on partnering with and investing in high-growth software and tech-enabled services businesses across a variety of industries.

$15MM to $250MM Enterprise Value (Smaller for add-ons)
>$5MM recurring revenue Company Size (Smaller for add-ons)
10% - 1000% Growth
High-Growth Technology & Services Vertical Specific B2B Software, Data, Payments, or Tech-Enabled Services Companies
Up to $15MM EBITDA Profitability
30-100% Ownership Minority or Majority Transactions

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The whole Serent Capital team wishes you, your family, and your community a healthy and safe 2020.

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