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Serent Capital's Healthcare Sector Update

New Healthcare Investments and Upcoming Healthcare Technology Conferences 

December 17, 2019

Since its formation in 2008, Serent Capital has been actively partnering and investing in market-leading healthcare companies. In total, Serent has invested in seven platform companies ranging from services providers, such as, Cardon Outreach, to healthcare software companies, like Pondera Solutions. In the last three years, Serent's dedicated Healthcare Team has been particularly active, investing in four platforms. 

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Healthcare Investments - By the Numbers

Since our founding in 2008, Serent has invested in ten healthcare software and services companies, including Axiom Medical, Cardon Outreach, Equinox Healthcare, Pondera Solutions, Professional Health Care Network, Senior Dental Care, and United Allergy Services.



Since 2010

Select Healthcare Investment Sectors

With the expansive healthcare market making up roughly 18% of the U.S. GDP, the Serent Healthcare Team breaks up the market by business model and end market. The team has built subject matter expertise by studying and working with both healthcare services and healthcare technology companies in the areas below.  

End Market

  • Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Assisted Living Facility / Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Behavioral Health Care
    • Autism Care
    • Mental Health
    • Substance Abuse
  • Commercial Payer
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Government Payer
  • Home Health
  • Hospice
  • Inpatient Facility (Hospital/Health System)
  • Life Sciences
    • Academic Research Facilities
    • Contract Research Organizations
    • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Outpatient Provider Practice
  • Pharmacy
    • Retail Pharmacy
    • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Self-Insured Employer
  • Third-Party Administrator

Business Model

  • Benefits Management
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Clinical Services
  • Compliance
  • Education
  • Health Information Exchange
    • Document Management/Interoperability
  • Human Capital Management
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Mobile Healthcare Solutions
  • Population Health Management
  • Patient Engagement 
  • Practice Management System/Electronic Health Record
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Telemedicine

Professional Development

Early Childhood Education

Meet with the Serent Healthcare Team at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

If you plan on attending the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference this year, we would love to host you at the Serent offices to discuss industry trends, our views on partnership, and our experience in the industry. Please let us know if you will be attending by requesting a meeting with our Healthcare investment team below.

Founded in 2008, Serent Capital is a leading lower-middle market private equity firm focused on investing in high growth service and technology businesses. Our operating model is distinct in its focus on business building. We strive to be an involved, value-added investor, capable of providing significant operational and strategic support to our portfolio company CEOs on the most critical issues that they face as their companies scale.

Serent Capital's ability to assist its companies is based on its principals' experience as CEOs, strategic advisers, and Board Members, and a deep network of formal and informal advisors.

Our mission is to deliver extraordinary returns by partnering with outstanding executive teams to grow exceptional businesses. Our success in this mission comes from our persistent adherence to our values.


Vertical Specific B2B Software, Data, or Tech-Enabled Services Companies

Enterprise Value

$15m to $250m
(Smaller for add-ons)

Company Size

>$5M of recurring or reoccurring revenue
(Smaller for add-ons)


USA & Canada


10% - 1,000%


EBITDA up to $15M


Minority or Majority Transactions

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